It’s time to bring your marketing and sales together at last.

(We just launched October 9, 2019, which means there’s much more to come! Let us know what we can send your way as we continue to build…)


And we’re not supposed to.

If you’ve ever wrestled with what part of your business to pay attention to, you’re not alone. Most companies operate their sales and marketing efforts in separate silos, causing constant missed opportunities.

The common solution is to try and get everyone to play nice on the playground, which results in mediocre, middle-ground results.

In today’s insanely fast-paced world, your customers demand more from you, and you owe it to yourself to have specialized talent and ideas that span across both brand and sales.

If you are missing even just a few of the key ingredients, you have an incomplete recipe, and most likely will cook your customer a terrible meal.

Our mission is to utilize our high level experience, share insights through our lenses, help you find hidden opportunities, avoid landmines, and blast through roadblocks.

We know every business is different, which is why we don’t pre-prescribe solutions. We find what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.

Let’s get to work.

– Joe and Marc


What you’re about to see is the result of a long overdue partnership between brand and sales.

These two disciplines are critical to the success of any venture. But far too often, they exist like divorcing parents in the same home: together by appearance, but worlds apart in thinking. And not just a little leery of each other.

We created Brand2Sales to help companies create 1+1=3 leverage by connecting brand and sales in a way that they not only worked together, but helped each other be better.

The key to your success is all about how deep you go with each section, not how wide. Everything we do sounds like common sense (and it is), but what’s not common is how well you implement strategy.


If you want to increase your speed to cash and simplify your efforts in marketing and sales, the trick is to ensure you know exactly who your customer is, what to offer, and where to find them.


Being able to drive sales predictably is a far too common challenge. How you develop your teams to communicate effectively and consistently will separate you from the second-place finishers.


How do you want to be perceived in your market? The experience of your brand, what messages you convey and what people think of you is the name of the game.


Whether you want to scale to 2x, 5x, or 10x, or simply want to keep growth steady while making your life easier, you need strategy. You should be able to identify, test, and know what to improve.


Read through the twelve sections of the framework by expanding the tabs and watching the videos. Hopefully you will find at least one key idea you can apply immediately.

Then, reach out for more resources specific to your needs.

Who are your ideal clients? Have you spent the time to identify who you do your best work with, how they make decisions, and if you are clearly speaking to that “audience of one.”

Have you determined what it’s worth to your customer to solve their challenges? How does your offer connect with them, and stack up against competitor offers? Is your offer so un-refusable that people take action immediately?

Do you ever feel like you need to be in a hundred places all at once, all the time? That’s normal. The key is to determine the best place your customers are and go get in front of them. It is far more impactful to own one or two channels than to be mediocre in many.

What is the impression you would like to leave with people? Are you consistent in delivering on your promise from your visuals all the way to your service? When you design a brand, it’s more than just a funky website – it’s about being memorable.

When you’re asked “what do you do?”, how do you answer? And can anyone else steal your answer and say the exact same thing? How can you be on your very own island by yourself for your customer where you are uniquely known as the ONLY option for what you do?

Blog. Newsletter. Videos. Social media. Have you built a calendar for the month, quarter, and year with a content schedule, focused messaging, and goals for engagement? Many companies end up being slaves to boring content. Have you ever had that happen to you?

Everyone on your team is in sales and should have a mindset of service to enhance your customers well-being through your offer. Does your team support and communicate with each other in a laser focused, aligned approach?

Writing for marketing is vastly different from sales. Do you have a contact strategy whether your leads are coming inbound through your web efforts or outbound from your efforts making new contacts. Do you have a clearly defined messaging strategy that doesn’t make you sound like a “salesy weirdo?”

Sales is all about what you can repeat as consistently as possible. Have you used your customer profiles and mapped your lead stages, prospect processes, qualification questions, conversation roadmaps, proposals, follow up, and referrals? Do you know your numbers well enough to make decisions?

How many systems do you use? Are they all tightly connected and integrated properly? Do you teams utilize them to their potential? What about processes – do you have clearly defined, documented, and followed best practices? Systemizing your business is key to long term success.

Every element in your framework, marketing, sales, operations, service, product development, or any number of areas are all interconnected. And the most important piece is how it all connects back to your customer. Are you actively creating and leveraging your feedback loops?

What’s your long term vision? Have you tracked that vision back to what you will do over the next 30 to 90 days? Have you sat down to plan how you could increase the lifetime value of your existing customers? Have you brainstormed how to enter new markets? How well have you set yourself up to scale?


We’ve both been in the trenches for more than 25 years, implementing and executing strategies in marketing and sales. As consultants, we’ve been able to help our wonderful clients around the globe tackle their biggest challenges.

As coaches, educators, and speakers, we’ve had opportunities to travel and spread the good word.

We both always knew something was missing.

And then one day we realized that by combining forces, we could actually make the biggest impact by leaving no excuses on the table.

By partnering with Brand 2 Sales, our mission is to help you look at your business completely. At Last.

Marc Stoiber, Branding Mastermind

Marc Stoiber, Branding Mastermind

Marc is a branding mastermind, slightly insane, and has helped build major brands like Mr. Clean, Bud and Aim Trimark. His superpower is translating complex propositions into simple, compelling ideas.

Joe Girard, Sales Enabler

Joe Girard, Sales Enabler

Joe can design and execute complex sales strategies while working directly with sales teams in the trenches on performance and conversations to create wins quickly. He wants to rid the world of “salesy weirdos.”


Over the years, we’ve taken on some interesting projects around the globe, and connected with leaders in all industries. Whether it was launching an ad campaign, building or refreshing a brand, developing a complex sales system, or integrating technology to streamline an organization, we’ve see some things!

Below are a handful of companies we’ve been able to have some fun with.


We’re always open to sharing our insights with you on the specific areas you are focused on in your business right now. In 30 minutes, we can guarantee you’ll get at least one take-away you can apply in your business today. And we have resources we are more than happy to send your way.